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Kitchen Makeovers Company Overview Video

Six Degrees Media Productions was hired to capture and showcase Kitchen Makeovers’ meticulous craftsmanship and artistry in crafting exquisite kitchens for their valued clientele by Developing a Corporate Video. Kitchen Makeovers helps customers save thousands of dollars by refinishing and refacing their outdated kitchen cabinets, giving them a fresh, modern look without the inconvenience, time commitment, and expense of a full kitchen renovation. 

Our crew spent time filming on-location at one of Kitchen Makeovers’ client’s homes to capture footage of their process from start to finish. We also filmed their production process in their factory and an interview with the founder.


Client: Kitchen Makeovers

Location: Canada

Services: Videography, Drone Videography, Filming, Directing, Producing, Logo Animation, Title Animation Template, Editing, Project Management, Music

Category: Corporate Video, Company Introductory Video, Company Profile Video, Explainer Video, Video Marketing, Media Productions, Video Productions 


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